Wings are divided into standard wings and so-called Misc Wings.

  • The standard wings are 4 pairs of wings, one pair of horizontal stabilizer "wings", and 2 un-paired vertical stabilizer "wings".
  • The Misc (miscellaneous) Wings are 20 non-paired wings.

Note: Wings do not provide buoyancy in water. Seaplanes that use wing stubs to stabilize the boat hull in the water, such as the Dornier flying boats, requrie the use of Bodies to achieve that buoyancy.


(ToDo: What are the special properties of the default wings that the Misc Wings don't have?)

Note: The normal wings have some special roles that cannot be emulated by Misc Wings. For example, only the default horizontal stabilizer will move through the angle specified by Special Controls: Auto-deflections

Misc WingsEdit

(ToDo: Do Misc Wings have special properties standard wings don't have? I believe they are "just more of the same" ...)

Tip: If you are using Misc Wings in pairs, set them up so that 1 and 11 are a pair, 2 and 12 etc. That will make switching between the two of a pair simple and intuitive.

Special Comments:Edit

  • Wing tip light behaviour: If you have the "has nav lites on wing tips" checkbox checked under Viewpoint, then Red and Green wingtip nav lights will be placed on the wingtips, as well as strobes. Which wing they show up on depends on how many wing you have configured and their order. It is not simply based on which wings are furthest from centerline, as one might expect. It also has something to do with the sequence of wings that you use. For example, if you use wings 1, 2 and 4, it will place the lights on the furthest tip among wings 1 and 2, regardless of the location of wing 4 entirely. Without explaining every possible combination, you'll just need a little trial and error to get the lights in the right place. Also note that the lights will never show up on the ends of Misc Wings.
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